Privacy Policy always seek to make its clients delighted and the come company never tries to put its clients at risk in any case. You shouldn’t be tensed about your personal information and details when you buy essays or any other academic paper from us because we will not disclose your details with any other person. It is essential for you to provide us some of your personal details when you place an order with us. Our privacy policy ensures you full safety of your personal details and you will enjoy complete privacy from our writing service.

Why Our Company Request Your Personal Details?

Our writing service used to request our clients to share us some of their important personal details for various purposes. We will ask our clients to share their personal details while they place an order with us so that we can make ordering so effortless. We will also them to share their details when they enjoy any of the services. You will have to provide us your name, email address, personal address, credit card information and some other personal details with the aim of making order process easy.

We request you to share your information with us for official purposes. The company will inquire your name, email id, contact address, credit card information, etc. We ask you for your personal details not to use it for our personal gains but to make order procedure trouble free. The information that you share with us to us will be managed by our company and none of the people from outside can take a look at your information. We give importance to your privacy and your personal identity. Therefore, we take all the precautions to protect your information completely.

We use your mail id and other details to contact you in order to update you regarding your order as well as to send you completed papers. We will protect your information including your name, address, email address, university or college name, phone number, and so on. We don’t want to harm our clients by revealing their identity with other person. It is not a risk when you share your personal details with us that you assume as imperative to you.

Your personal identity is safe with us. We will not give your personal details with third parties. Your name, email id, personal addresses, credit card information, and order details will only be managed by us. In our company, third party intervention will never happen because we have strict policies towards it. guarantee you that your personal details will be 100 confidential and make sure that our clients wish for privacy is upheld by all means. Many clients have the doubt in mind that writing companies will reveal the identity of them with others. It is a false assumption when it comes to our writing company because we always try to keep our clients privacy safe with us.