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School, college and university education is very important for students across the world. It is crucial for students to obtain a degree in order to get a well paid job. They are required to triumph over almost every difficulty that they face in their academic life in order to be successful in their profession and personal life. One of the most notable and commonly faced difficulties for students during their academic life is assignment writing.

As far as the students are concerned, writing academic papers is a tough assignment. It will be injustice to blame a student if he fails to write academic papers following all the requirements and demands of their teachers because a professional writer may also find troubles with it. There are many reasons that lead students to feel writing assignments complicated. Lack of knowledge in writing is a main reason that denies students to write an excellent paper.

One of the most important things that students require during their academic years is writing skills. Writing is, obviously, an art that every person should master in. The ability to write is crucial for students to become successful in their school, college and university years. They are essential to deal with different sorts of assignments during their academic career. Teachers used to ask students to come up with different kinds of assignments almost every day of their school, college, or university life. Hence, it is very important to have knowledge and skill in writing academic papers.

Writing is expressing thoughts, ideas, and facts in a simple and lucid language. However, writing assignments following professional and understandable language is easier than said as there are lots of things that you should learn about writing academic papers. The skill of writing is not something that is trained seriously in school but writing becomes very crucial in college and university. So, learners are required to gain knowledge in writing. The years of experience that writers from a best essay writing service have results in a top quality academic paper and it will benefit the students as well.

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Critical Analysis and the Format of a Five-Paragraph Essay

Just like any other related academic, professional papers, an academic five paragraph essay follows certain criteria in their formats. It differs in terms of format from a few professional papers such as term paper, research proposals, and scholarship essay. However, it has some similarities with normal essay writing structure. However, despite the similarities, there exists a sole difference. The only difference that exists is that in a normal essay writing structure, there is no limitation on the numbers of paragraphs one to write. You don’t have to be tensed about your essay if you get assistance from the best essay writing service online.

In further analysis, a five-paragraph essay is a form of theme writing which has profound etymology in English education and classical rhetoric. This sort of essay development does inform the participant understanding of its function. This is the main reason behind its long-term use in English essay writing. The name of this essay is conned from its unique characteristic of being composed of five paragraphs. The five paragraphs entail; an introductory paragraph, three main body paragraphs with support and development, and a one concluding paragraph. Its unique characteristics have generated for this type an essay other acronyms. The acronyms assigned includes; hamburger essay, one three one essay, or a three-tier essay. This essay comes handy in structuring ideas if it will be easy to get overwhelmed by the number of points that have to be made. It is of a specific format that guarantees a systematic flow of thoughts when writing down this form of an essay. The systematic flow of the thoughts attributes to efficiency in writing the essay which is free from error due to strict keenness. You will receive an error-free essay from the best essay writing service if you seek help from them.

The five-paragraph essay possesses a nature of persuasive or argumentative outlook. However, it is more complex as it is an improved version of the simpler five paragraph incorporating more and sophisticated details that are omitted in the simpler version.

Format/parts of a five paragraph essay


This is a thematic summary of the topics and introduction of the thesis statement. It takes the first paragraph of this essay dominating it with a thesis statement that is followed by three sentences. The three sentences elaborately describe in brief what is going to be discussed in the three body paragraphs. Sometimes, the three sentences are referred to as the pathway as they give the direction of the paper. This is also the paragraph that is designed to give the audience a preview of the essay and introduce the writers’ point of view. It tries to suggest to the reader that he or she should expect dismissals to relay the full breakdown of events. This is necessary for passing the readers a sense of the overall arc of the writers’ argument. You can make your essay introduction excellent by means of the best essay writing service online.


This is a review of the background literature to align the reader to the topics stated in the introductory paragraph. It contains a series of sentences that are arranged in a systematic and coherent way that relates to a single topic that is stated in the thesis statement. This paragraph is always linked to the first paragraph by a transitional sentence that commences the narration part. Each sentence in this paragraph relates clearly to the topic sentence for controlling idea thus retaining the consistency of this paragraph. It should also consist of examples of the topic being discussed with supporting clincher of the theme statement. Lastly, this part should be able to outlay the details of the topic and all conceiving meanings of the topics. You can get away from the narration troubles if get the assistance of the best essay writing service online.


This creates the platform to press out one’s own argument of the thesis. Upon relating the thesis to its impact, it renders a proper channel to display one’s argument. The argument should be broad and inclusive. This is achieved by not only regarding the positive feedback of the thesis but also stating clearly a line of thought which is capable of averting the mind of the reader. Rendering a broad argument captivates the thoughts of the logical mind and is capable of avoiding in-depth details critics. This part provides evasion of such circumstances and should be taken into much consideration. The best essay writing service will write an essay by considering all the aspects of writing.


This paragraph accounts for expressing the side that one is inclined to form the argument made in the regressing paragraph. It vividly depicts the stand that one has implored in the argument. You don’t have to worry about any part of your five paragraph essay if you buy essay from the best essay writing service online.


This is done by summing up the points and reinstating the thesis. It does not require stating new information as it is the closure of one’s own ideas. It marks the end of the essay hence it should contain some closing remarks.

College/University Admission Essay

Many times, students have been put to the test through being requested to write why they chose a particular University, college or other tertiary institution. The truth is that many have always written this piece without experiencing any problems. But, the question is, how effective is the final essay? How does the reader react immediately they receive your essay, do they feel elated? Excited, confused? Well, writing a winning essay requires dedication, skill, and precision where the writer puts much thought after and power behind their pen to draft and make an effective piece that is not only captivating but also relates to the writer’s real ideals with the institution of their choice. A professional appeal requires a lot of formal incorporation, skill, and dedication. The best essay writing service can present your admission essay a professional appeal.

Great admission essays will vividly outline and prospect all the attractive attributes like a set-piece. The dedication can clearly be identified, and the reader can relate to the writer as well. The art of writing an admission essay incorporates meticulous observations and descriptions which are then put down on paper. The professional essay writers of the best essay writing service will write a winning admission essay for you on your request.

The Importance of an Admission Essay

  • It helps keep the student focused on exactly why he/she made a choice to join the institution
  • It promotes the zeal and motivation to undertake both academic and co-curricular activities hand in hand.
  • Acts as a constant reminder of why the student is at the particular institution.
  • It helps profess to the reader the different reasons why a certain student is as they are.
  • At other times, the admission essay presents the student with a broader worldview and perspective regarding the institution of their choice.

An admission essay that will rightly implore all the options of an existing institution would be the best focus for the perfect essay. The student must remember that the main aim of joining is the education means. All other factors are constant as the student would mainly focus on the main ideal which would be to relate to the institution in terms of education. Inscribing a perfect essay will mean focusing on several points. If you don’t know the ways of writing a great admission essay, the best essay writing service can take up the responsibility for you with ease.

Important Points to Highlight

  • Highlight that you joined because of the education metrics relating to the school- talk about the historical concept that triggered your mind into wanting to be part of the institution. Struggling with writing an admission essay is common but the help of the best essay writing service can let you evade the struggle.
  • Focus on the institution’s culture- talk about how effective it is to have people that hail from different cultural backgrounds and how this would be inscribed in your education and life.
  • Talk about your career and how the institution has helped shape your predecessors who have progressed to join the corporate world with their names known ‘all over.’ The best essay writing service can talk about your career impressively if you buy admission essay from them.
  • Remember to touch on the institution's co-curricular activities like music, games and other art which would help keep your lifestyle healthy and wholesome.


  • Always boast of the institution
  • Recognize the authority for creating such a wonderful institution- this has been known to smooth even the toughest ego.
  • Engage carefully drawn out words that show humility, respect, and regard for your audience and the institution.
  • Proofreading is always advisable right before handing in the work
  • Because the essay is about you, ensure that you personalize it by effectively relating the institution to various past, current or future expectations.
  • As you highlight the institution, do not forget to show yourself in the essay. Show how and why you fit in the institution.


An admission essay will require the writer to focus on the operation of the whole institution. The imploration is to expound on the ‘greatness’ of the institution and render it as a ‘cut above the rest.’ Since the writer may have different propositions, views, and opinions, the secret is to keep the essay flowing through a personal experience in relation to the institution. Creating a captivating excerpt will require the writer to discuss the positive aspects of the institution and how he/she intends to be part of the same. Should the writer have a negative aspect or viewpoint, it is advisable that the writer outlines the negative issue but in cordial words that show respect for the authority, and all others present. Through careful addressing of the main features that promote the strengths of the institution, the student can be assured that his work is outstanding. You don’t need to get worried because the best essay writing service can give you’re the assistance you need.

As always, before settling on handing out the work, there is always the need to seek to rectify all the mistakes that may have been made during writing. Ultimately, eliminate all the grammar and sentence structure issues that may be a problem to the reader. This shows a well thought out the paper and a great resource.

What If The College Asked You To Write An Application Essay?

Obviously, without mentioning it, an application letter can be a source to determine your fate towards acquiring that position you have always wanted to get for your career. It does not get easier; the applicant has to sit and think how well to craft the letter to the position where it entices, persuades and gives all the attention to why the applicant deserves to be given the position they are applying for. You can take your application essay writing worries away by means of getting help from the best essay writing service online. The following is what you need to know about the application letter.

Types of application letter accompaniments

  • Resume - this provides your profile, sort of like your experiences in the previous jobs, strengths and so forth.
  • Curriculum Vitae - This gives your details in brief like your address, years or work, school and so forth.
  • Covering letter - This provides a brief description of the person that you are, achievements and at times, cover what you are applying for.

These letters are basically the basic forms of application letters that you may be required to write when seeking for a job. Each of these covers a specific style and format, but all have one aim-to get you employed. Hence, acquiring this knowledge while still in school is crucial to your future self. You can make your application process easier by seeking the help of the best essay writing service as they will a write stunning paper for you.

Important Tips to comprehend while writing an application letter

The important tips are covered below. One way or another, you may require them or help out a friend who intends to apply for a job but has little knowledge of where to start. You can tell them what you learned in school.

  • The letter should be short
  • The letter should be so clear and concise
  • Highlight your main strengths
  • Understand the material you are applying for/ decode the advert accordingly
  • Engage your best skills and the most relevant information
  • Portray your capabilities in relation to the job
  • Recognize the authority wishing to hire you
  • Always reply in regards to the job advertised
  • Engage the employer using humble language
  • Remember it should not exceed one-page limit
  • Always proofread, edit and correct all grammatical errors as this could mean a lot
  • Employ your qualifications with regard to the job advert
  • Be acute and employ some gestures that market you as a person
  • Include the reasons why you wish to work for the organization
  • Write in the right format
  • Conclude by signing followed by your name


Length: retain this to one page of highly regarded material that proves you are ready for the position.

Font: Use the standard mode of Times New Roman size 12

Heading: here, write the employer’s details and do not forget your own.

Salutation: always advisable to address the recipient as dear Sir/Madam especially in cases where you do not know the recipient gender.

The body: This is formed by paragraphs that should ensure you deliver on why you are qualified for the position. The first paragraph should be to recognize the job advert and accredit the position you wish to apply. The second paragraph incorporates the art of better writing where the goal is to employ tactics that will lead the reader/recipient to consider you for the position. This is where you use impressive language, humble at every word you express; your point should be to solely market yourself and showing how you are liable for the company you are applying to. You can write such an excellent application essay if you buy essay from the best essay writing service online.

It is important to know that, one must search for the concise, precise and articulate language to communicate your worth to the organization. Your self-worth as a person could also render you as a possible candidate, so, use it by writing about your character, attitude towards the job and tasks given and so forth. The best essay writing service can make your application writing simple.

The final paragraph should be focusing on sending out your thanks for their interest in your job application. This shows some character in you that could get you rewarded. It is wise to use humble context and recognize the authority whenever you write. This paragraph could also imply that you would be checking on their reply and so forth. The best essay writing service can be a great plus point for you to come up with a first-rate application paper.

The complementary close has always been signed off by; “sincerely” or “Regards” or “Yours” and followed by the writer’s name.

After writing, always make sure you go through the work to ensure that you have checked out all the grammatical typing errors. The best essay writing service has exceptional editors and they will help you to submit an error-free essay. Observe to record if you have used the right format, have you correctly interpreted the job requirements and did you meet them in your essay? The main goal is to make sure that you present yourself perfectly to your employer right before they award you the job. It is always virtuous to keep in mind that you are not the only applicant; hence, writing the most outstanding piece is the key.

The Art of a Perfect Argumentative Essay Paper

Well, you have probably been in class, taught about the perfect academic work. Start with an outline, draft, body, and conclusion. However, what does it mean to write an A+ (Plus) or good quality argumentative material? In this excerpt, the argumentative paper analysis and format is discussed to help you better write your next paper! It is one of the assignments that students are required to deal with and they have to write an exceptional paper if they would like to make an impression on their teachers. Since it is part of the academic studies, students cannot ignore the importance of writing an argumentative essay in great quality. So, learning how to write an argumentative essay or seeking the assistance from the best essay writing service can be useful for you from the writing point of view.


The format of the argumentative paper is no different from the actual academic paper as you have done in the past. You first need to introduce your paper; this is mainly done by giving an overview of what the actual work is talking about. Secondly, one must form a thesis statement in which case this means that the writer arguably introduces a statement through which his paper is based on. This is where the writer denotes and highlights his different view as opposed to the existing background of the work. Thirdly, the paragraphs follow. These highlight the evidence that the writer wishes to present and this is done by introducing a point or two in each paragraph and expounding each critically and fully. Usually, a good paper will run three or four paragraphs. The conclusion runs to summarize the work and give final remarks and standpoint of the writer’s work. If you believe that you cannot write the essays as per the exact the format, you can get the help from the best essay writing service online.

The Aim of the Argumentative Paper

Mainly, this argumentative paper is done to give a different point of view for the readers. Each paragraph sways the reader towards the writer’s point of view like it is creating a conversation between the two. The argumentative paper promotes a different worldview from what is already ‘known’ by the reader/ audience and thereby giving them a different notion that is relayed through empirical evidence drawn from different sources. The argumentative paper is basically done to persuade, influence or promote another’s opinion by drawing on the various other acknowledged materials. For many students, they don’t know the aim of an argumentative essay and they can choose to get assistance from the best essay writing service on the web because they can do an excellent paper for you.

The Essay Tips

Now that you know how to go about the format, plus your aim to write the paper, let us engage a few tips on the process.

  • Write notably; this implies that you write to the point. You should not mix different opinions in one paragraph; rather, discuss the exact material that you introduce for every paragraph. The best essay writing service can write your argumentative essay notably and also by keeping all the instructions given by your respective professors.
  • Personalize your work; mostly, argumentative papers mean that you will be giving your point of view and therefore, drive every point through a personal notion where the aim is to say your thoughts or as many may say ‘mind.’ Personalizing the paper does not mean using the personal pronouns, rather, an effective way of drawing the evidence and presenting it as if it were your own, through crediting the source. As the writer, you must prove your point by writing it original, presentable and truly argumentative. If you seek the help of the best essay writing service online, you can ensure to submit a top quality paper to your professor.
  • Write every point. This will mean that you specifically address the very line, view, and point by clearly outlining it in every aspect. It means writing through formulating all the evidence from credible sources and presenting these concisely and respectively to the particular point/paragraph.

Mitigating the Errors

The points to note on errors should be that; the writer must read and re-read his/her work after writing it. This is best done when one is done writing the paper. Reducing the mistakes and errors creates a perfect copy that is presentable, understandable and means that it has the capability to drive the point home. Producing an error-free copy increases the chances of scoring higher grades as it does not relent on quality as well. You can submit a free error paper to your professor if you buy argumentative essay from the best essay writing service on the web.

The Conclusion of the Argumentative paper

After writing all the point, presenting it with all the materials that you got, the work is not over. Go over the paper one more time and ensure the following. One is that the paper should incorporate all aspects of good writing. Secondly, assume you are the reader; the paper should present you with an appeal that leaves you satisfied and want to relate to the writer. Third, look at the essay and ensure that you do not get ‘lost’ reading between the lines. By this, make sure that the first paragraph can flow with the last and vice versa. Every line should complement the other. You can find many the best essay writing services online and they can make your argumentative essay writing very easy by means of their experience in writing those papers. All material presented should focus on driving the writer’s point of view. This is especially necessary to create the impression that the writer is introducing a ‘new concept or idea.’ If this is done, the final step should be to check for simple grammatical spelling errors or omissions that you may have left out. This will correct all the remaining phrases, articles, vowels and so forth. The point is to create a wonderful paper that conforms to the perfect argumentative paper.

Definition And The Structure Of A Case Study

In each and every educational institution, emphasis on a well-developed analysis of a given matter of study is put in place in most of the systems. This turns out as an examination to evaluate the professional knowledge and technical know-how of a given subject of concern. Most of the institutions use varieties of test evaluation depending on the level of the institution or the class of the students. They may include; term paper, essays, research proposals, and case studies. Notably, each and every professional evaluation mechanism follows a well-elaborated critic and procedure upon the perfection of the task. This implies that the evaluations are in a formal structure and being literate is a key factor to enhance the quality. The best essay writing service online will write your term paper, essays, research papers, and case studies in premium quality. Most of the institutions have different ways of underrating and analyzing a given task to a specific allocated task.

In so much scrutiny, plagiarism which is regarded as an academic quality worm is highly avoided as the person concerned, e.g. a student is advised on the best measures to render a free personal task. Plagiarism is awarded a mark of zero in most of the evaluation papers since it implies that the person directed the academic task has committed an ‘academic theft.’ This is simply direct copying some resources from someone else’s task without emphasizing the concern that the original work was his or hers. In case study academic evaluation, it also emphasizes more on plagiarism effects as the research methodology should be as professional and an original task from the individual assigned. You can submit a plagiarism free paper with your professor if you seek help from the best essay writing service online.

Definition and Critical Analysis of Case Study

In most of the fields in education, specifically social sciences and life sciences, the emphasis on a case study is put in place in most of the academic institutions. This is because the case study involves a well elaborated in-depth examination of the unit interested. Notably, a case study has different definitions according to different professional scholars. In a summary form, a case study is a research technique that circulates its concepts on a well-circulated in-depth examination of a subject of the study to evaluate as well as its related contextual conditions. In its structure, a case study uses a formal format of the current education system. Some of the disciplines such as sociology, anthropology, social work, clinical science and political science majorly evaluate its students by the use of case study. This is because the stated disciplines encompass of a wide scope which requires an in-depth analysis of its concept. The case is not only studied in a school-based environment by students, but also some of the organizations use it in analyzing an event or action existing at a specific time and place. An organization uses the research strategy to investigate a phenomenon within a real-life context. However, a common issue has frequently been raised where case studies in research are usually confused with the case studies in teaching. The two different disciplines differ in their contextual structure and the inhibited concepts. Do you have any doubts regarding how to write the case study as per the requirements of your teacher? The best essay writing service can help you with it and also help you to meet their all needs.

Top Concepts of a Quality Designed Case Study

In designing a case study, an emphasis on thorough note taking on a specific subject of concern is emphasized in order to output a quality professional task. The best thing about the case study design is that the person involved in the process only focuses and the specific and interesting cases. This is so much on the contrary to another form of academic evaluation tasks which recommends thorough research on the areas. Foremost, the writer needs to put a lot of consideration on the subject matter and its relevance to the whole task. One needs to concentrate on a specific study small group which should be the subject of the matter. Furthermore, all the relevant data should be collected which should be used as an aid in designing the correct strategy of how one is going to address the study. In the case study, there is less restriction if and only if one focuses concisely on the case to study. A maximum of four to five bulleted points that one is going to address should be emphasized. The points should rhyme with the research conducted. A top quality case study paper involves research and proper writing skills. The expert essay writers of the best essay writing service possess these abilities.

Structure And Writing Style Of A Case Study

The core purpose of a case study paper is to thoroughly investigate a subject of analysis in the essence of enhancing a new understanding of the research problem and contributing new knowledge. The best essay writing service can write an excellent paper that helps you to submit a paper that written with exact structure and writing style. In the below discussion, a highlight of the key elements in organizing and writing case study research paper is listed;

I. Introduction

The introduction describes the research problem and its significance and how it relates addressing the problem. The best essay writing service can help from your worries of writing case study introduction. A good introduction should critically elaborate on these factors;

  • The subject studied.
  • The importance of the topic studied.
  • The prior knowledge of the topic.
  • The effect of the study.

II. Literature review

It follows the normal structure of other related academic formats. It provides background information on the subject analyzed in relation to the research problem. The best essay writing service can aid you with literature review.

III. Method

In this particular section, one explains the reasons as to why a specific field of study was chosen. One also elaborates the strategies used upon the decision of the subject matter. The way one describes the methods depends on the type of analysis. It is better to get the assistance of the best essay writing service to get done your case study.

IV. Discussion

In this area, the following are put in concern;

  • Interpreting key findings from the case study
  • Drawing conclusions about the key findings.

V. Conclusion

  • It summarizes the case research study in a clear, simple language.

It emphasizes how the findings differ from prior research and a recommendation is necessary.

Have You Ever Written A Critical Essay?

Many students will engage in a piece of writing without really evaluating the basics of the type of paper, and as for the few that do, they have little knowledge on the process, steps, tips and even the meaning of the paper. Critical writing or essay is the kind where the writer focuses on the material presented, weighs it, reads the facts presented, but refuses to accept the work without first, evaluating, analyzing and presenting his/her own conclusion through a chronological argument. This analysis is done to stimulate the arguments of the material provided and thereby playing a crucial role of expounding on all the limitations that the original text does not fully address. The best essay writing service on the web can make students life easier by writing a top quality critical essay for you.

The Process

First, a writer must comprehend that a critical essay develops from some written text. The writer’s focus is to read the text implied by a different writer, understand the context, and finally expound on the same. The writer draws the evidence, the facts and all the crucial details with the aim of relating with the original writer, and only then, the critical writer implicates his intentions with the aperture to critic the work. If the process of writing is challenging, the best essay writing service can make your writing trouble-free.

The Critical Evaluation of Text

There are various points that a critical writer must bear in mind. The aim is to comprehend each section to have a better grasp of everything that needs to be addressed. The following are crucial elements:

The original text context: Here, the critical writer must read and understand the original text as intended by the writer. The original text presents the background to form a basis for evaluation. The material relates the text to what the analysis will promote or critic. You present an original text with the help of the best essay writing service on the web.

Relation with the writer: The critical writer must at all angles try to be in the ‘shoes’ of the writer. The writer wrote the text to intend different meaning, or create a certain impression, and hence, it is the duty of the critical writer to understand the meaning created by the writer so as to create his/her own meaning. Understanding the original writer promotes the cohesion and the flow of the analysis from a certain perspective. The expert critical essay writers of the best essay writing service will ensure that you are submitting a top quality paper.

The text Direction: literally, this means to observe the material presented. By this, the critical writer should focus on getting the simple information like the period the work was written, season, timing and the historical information at the time. This helps to understand the text better and create a room for the conduct of research. It also helps to relate the text with the current era so as to incorporate the beliefs, attitudes, historical metrics and other political plus social intricate. If you lack skill in writing, the best essay writing service can write it for you.

Analyzing the Work

Since the goal of a critical paper/ essay is to analyze the material, the critic writer must focus on finding the relevant information within the material presented and then take measures of evaluation. First, the writer must know what his intentions are and then engage in writing the work. If you don’t know the intentions of writing a critical essay, you can buy essay from the best essay writing service available online.

Writing the paper comes through a careful study of related material, where one can find evidence to critic the work through a crucial engagement of similar material. Mostly, analysis becomes more believable where the writer uses examples, interpretations, figures, facts, and resources to present his work. The work is critically analyzed through running it in data related mechanisms for figures and acquiring more facts from bibliographies for the non-numerical data.

Integrating the material

All the information garnered, researched and recorded is well-arranged point by point to relate to the original writer’s intentions. The critic writer must find his/her way of writing with the intent of showing his critic through empirical, evident and integrated information. The new work is then promoted to incorporate the aspects of a perfect critical paper where all points imply a thoroughly discussed and well-analyzed material. The material or the information that you add in your essay is crucial because you cannot make mistake when you integrate the information or data. The material must be accurate and the best essay writing service online has professional writers who are able to conduct the research for you and they will integrate the material that is suitable.

The sources

Whether writing for marks or publishing, you must use the credible sources that are either published or permitted but not otherwise. Like any other published work, your work must be believable, and this is boosted by the use of crucial materials like bibliographies, dailies, index data, documented evidence and so forth. The sources must be reliable and there is no point in picking sources that are unreliable.

One must also remember that the written work must be accredited by either in-text citations or the end text and finally, always a reminder; the bibliographies must appear at the end of your thorough work. Any other resources used must also be in one way or the other is evident by way of attachment to your work. The sources must be cited in order to make your paper plagiarism free.


The critic writer must end with the summary of the analysis, reminding the reader of the intentions of the original writer, and outline the various implications. In the end, the work must show that it is an analysis by relating to the work analyzed. This could be through promoting or opposing the views of the original work and presenting one’s critical argument in conclusion as well.

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